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You bring the pain, I'll bring the light







Experience & learn a simple method to connect to your Soul,  work to heal the root causes and conditions of illness, injury, crises, imbalances.

The fastest method to heal all levels: physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual bodies is by combining Soul Integration Healing Method & Block Therapy.  Block Therapy a unique form of bodywork practice that works to release fascial adhesions and restrictions and increase blood and oxygen flow.  Sessions include postural - chakral analysis and a customized meditation recording to continue your healing process.



One-on-One Session: Integral Movement Method 

Those with hypermobility,  HSD -Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder  and hEDS - Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome can find help here with free content - just click the Healing Zebra Section.  Mel combines Soul Integration Healing Method, Meditations, Breathwork, Bodywork with the Integral Movement Method, a modified Pilates and Movement Therapy.

This powerful combination of modalities helped Mel to overcome the source of her tension, pain, bracing patterns, and HSD symptoms.  Now she is sharing her wisdom with classes and private sessions.  Check out more content in her FB group "Healing Zebras"

Herbs and Condiment

Herbal Nutrition & Plant Integration Divine Healing Method

Plant Integration combines herbal nuturion into your current diet.  Slowly remove items that may be causing inflammation and pain.  Work with your doctor to incorporate the best methods.  Heal your health conditions with Plant Integration Divine Healing Method, a magical connection to the medicinal world.
Explore growing medicinals that you need to heal your physical body as well as emotional/mental/spiritual.

                                 A UNIQUE APPROACH TO HEALING YOUR PAIN


A BAMBOO BLOCK... (or Fascial Tool of Choice)





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Over the past 30 years I have traveled and studied the deeper aspects of healing.  Block Therapy is a powerful and unique bodywork practice that you can do at home, going deeper than any other physical modality to the Source of Pain and releasing it.

Once you learn this simple bodywork therapy, you will discover the wisdom of becoming a "pain seeker" by searching for pain and listening to what your pain is telling you.  Combining the power of diaphragmatic breathing while lying on the Block Buddy, a bamboo block, you can release, heal, restore.  You can also begin with a rolled towel.

After 20 years of practicing and teaching yogic breathing, energy healing, studying the deeper eastern wisdom medicine, I was still experiencing increasing invisible inner tension and pain.

It was not until Block Therapy that I learned about the deeper causes of fascial tension and pain - adhesions, restrictions and negative seals we all begin to hold due to gravity, technology, unconscious posture and the collapse of the core.  My deeper condition of HSD - Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder was diagnosed - the complexity of hypermobility with bracing/guarding and laxity was healed by releasing and strengthening for better alignment.  

Further healing was found through Jeannie DiBon's IMM - Integral Movement Method.  Inspired, I became certified in both Block Therapy Instructor program and IMM in order to help more clients who are suffering from hypermobility complications.

The power of adding visualizations and energy healing create a fast method with less side effects and crisis.  Soul Integration Healing Method works to release energies in the physical, etheric, astral, mental layers of your energy while deepening your connection to your Soul.

You bring the pain, I'll bring the LIGHT, was created out of this powerful experience.  I look forward to guiding you on your journey!




How to begin according to your body!


A Healer's Approach: Guided, Supportive, Nurturing sessions, allowing you the time and space to HEAL in your own way.


May include the following depending on your preference:

  • Postural-Chakral Analysis

  • Soul Integration Healing Method

  • Customized healing sessions can be recorded for continued support

  • Lower pain levels & ability to manage symptoms

  • Introduction to Fascial Decompression with right tool for you!

  • Movement Therapy to gain stamina & strength

  • Follow up Q&A for best next steps

  • Post session:  1 week of Q&A

  • Steps to improve pain levels & posture, chronic health issues

  • Hypermobility/HSD/hEDS assistance to help improve: Muscular-Skeletal System & Fascia, Digestive System, Circulatory System, Lymphatic System, Glandular System, Cardiovascular System, Sleep Issues, and more.

  • Herbal Nutrition - Plant Based Diet & Detox


Free Consultations!

First Session:  2 Hours: $222
Follow up Sessions:  1 Hour: $122
Short Session: 1/2 Hour $52

Book your session with Mel: or 860-205-8780



For those who are interested in working on their fascia without all the energy healing, these sessions include:

A Healer's Approach: Guided, Supportive, Nurturing sessions, allowing you the time and space to HEAL in your own way.

  • Overall discussion on your health, cocreate a plan according to your needs

  • Postural Analysis

  • Fascial Decompression with the tool for you!

  • Movement Therapy to gain stamina & strength

  • Post session: 1 week of Q&A

  • Steps to overcome pain, injury, chronic health issues

  • Hypermobility/HSD/hEDS assistance to help: lower pain levels, calm the nervous system, practice diaphragmatic breathing, simple visualizations to improve overall health.

  • Herbal Nutrition - Plant Based Diet & Detox

Free Consultations!


First Session:  1 1/2 hours:  $175

Follow up Sessions:  1 Hour:  $122

Short Session:  1/2 Hour: $52

Book your session with Mel: or 860-205-8780


Breathwork / Meditation / Energy Healing

  • We begin with breathwork.  Knowing where your breath is coming from is a crucial key in overall health.  If you have experienced a lifetime of health issues, crisis, pain and or injury with Hypermobility/HSD/hEDS, you may have breathing difficulties/become a chest breather or be holding your breath.  

    With simple, relaxed guided meditation we can practice how to release the built-up tension, restriction, pain, in the belly and diaphragm area.  No counting, no holding your breath, no complicated methods.  Allowing your body to slowly let go, open and breathe using your hands / rolled towel / block buddy as a prop will teach you where the breath should come from.  

    With 20+ years of yogic breathing practice, teaching clients how to release their stress, tension, pain and more, I have guided many clients around the world on how to breathe diaphragmatically.  


  • Meditation - guided fascial release sessions bring you into a deep meditative space.  Following your breath, focusing on visualizations, you naturally begin to be in a meditative space.  Your nervous system calms down, your body begins to relax.

  • Pain Management:  In Block Therapy, we teach you how to breathe through the pain, we search for the source of the deeper pain within the fascia - the adhesions, restrictions, negative fascial seals that can hold you out of alignment with a force of 2,000 pounds per square inch!  When we are in pain, we may begin to hold our breath, become a chest breather, we restrict our fascia/connective tissue, losing blood and oxygen flow.  Using fascial decompression with your tool of choice: hands/rolled towel/ball/block buddy; we melt down the source of pain with the power of diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Energy Healing:  Soul Integration Healing MethodTM
    Developed by Mel, Soul Integration Healing Method combines breathwork, meditation, fascial decompression and movement therapy.  Including:


Chakral-postural analysis:  Each chakra will be energetically scanned, clairvoyantly & intuitively read combining your posture and movement.  Learn where your source of pain is stored and related to your energy system.  Health may be stored within your etheric, astral, mental levels of your energy system.  The fascia and the chakras have an interconnection and are interpenetrating.  Your mental health impacts your emotions which then impact your etheric and physical body - including the fascia / connective tissues.

Over the past 20+ years working as an energy healer, I have observed the health condition of chakras and the aura improve with each session.  Chakras and Fascia have the following in common:


  • Fascia can become stuck and glued just as lower energetic vibrations – entities, elementals, colors can become stuck and glued in the chakras and auras – and these can become embedded physically.  

  • Fascia can become damaged: overstretched and have tears, holes, or laxity.  It can be congested and filled with toxins and dehydrated.  Similarly, chakras can have tears, holes, be soft or you could say have laxity.  They can become over energized or over stretched with tears and holes.  Or they may be depleted and a type of dehydration in lack of spiritual fluid or elixirs to lubricate the chakras.

  • Fascia can have negative fascial seals just as the energetic system, chakras, auras can have negative seals.


These are just three good examples of the similarities between the Fascia and Energetic Conditions

Soul Integration Healing Method:  

Guided activation of your Soul / Higher Self connection, energy healing with color visualizations going deep into the fascia, chakras and all systems:  muscular-skeletal, nervous system, lymphatic, cardiovascular, digestive & excretory, circulatory, glandular and more.  The power of the Divine Light from the Soul connected to the Power of your Breath - Diaphragmatic Breathing, activates your Kundalini and creates a Divine Elixir of Light.  You become your own Empowered Healer.  

We never know the level of health and wellness we can achieve.  We cannot predict how we will heal and what we can overcome.  What we can do is work to remove the source of pain, illness, mild - acute - chronic - health conditions and the side effects.  Set our intention for the highest level of healing and visualize reaching it.   Accepting the present condition with as much grace and love as possible.

Movement Therapy & Integral Movement Method (IMM)

  • Postural Analysis is key to avoiding pain, injuries, fascial distortions and adhesions all causing fatigue, imbalance and collapsed core.  No one has perfect posture; however, we can work towards the goal of proper alignment on the physical and cellular level.

  • Customized exercises according to your body with no pain, no strain strategy

  • Starting low and slow.  In my body, I needed to combine block therapy, melting the restrictions and glued fascia keeping my shoulders subluxed and stuck.  Then, opening the space to align my shoulder in the joint socket, practicing daily micro movements until my shoulders gained the muscle memory and strength to begin movement.  At the same time, working to release the thoracic bracing, avoid using my neck muscles and upper traps to move my arms.  This is a process that has no timeline.  Allowing yourself the time and space to unwind and release is critical before movement therapy. 

  • Combine doctor and PT recommendations with further exercise to continue building proper alignment and strength.

Integral Movement Method specializes in helping those with hypermobility, HSD - Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder and hEDS - Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  This method places special attention on "going low, and slow" to avoid pain, injuries, dislocations, fatigue/exhaustion. 


IMM combines: 

  • Unwinding muscular tension and bring body awareness

  • Explore soft slow mindful movement to find resistance and tension = Movement Meditation

  • Access to evaluate movement without strain (often we move unconsciously in daily activities)

  • Refine to allow the brain to notice how it feels, register what has shifted.  We are retraining the brain and our nervous system

  • IMM combines: Breath / Relaxation / Proprioception / Control / Balance / Posture


Mel combines Plant Integration Divine Healing MethodTM (PIDHM) and Soul Integration Divine Healing MethodTM (SIDHM) developed by her over the past 8 years.  

Herbal Nutrition

Herbal Nutrition can be included in any of the above services to assist in your healing journey. 


Food is thy Medicine! Plant based diets are now common to most.  Learn how to incorporate some easy tips into your diet without having to make a dramatic change, once you start feeling better, you can slowly start to eliminate those items that may be causing your body inflammation and disease.

Mel can work with your doctor, nutritionist to better serve you.  She is certified with The School of Natural Healing and Rosemary Gladstar's Sage Mountain Herbal Center.

You can follow her on Pinterest at

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Mel is passionate about helping others heal using natural methods - Energy Healing with Plant Integration Divine Healing Method and Soul Integration Healing Method, created by Mel, Meditation, chakral-postural analysis, Pilates & Integral Movement Method - IMM, Block Therapy, BioMagnetism, and Herbal Nutrition.

During her own healing crisis, Mel discovered Block Therapy.  After years of exercise, Pilates, manual therapy, her tension and pain still increased.  It wasn't until she was diagosed HSD - Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder, found Block Therapy and IMM with Jeannie DiBon, that the deeper tension & pain released!  Mel now incorporates all modalities according to the needs of each client.

Over the year past 20 years, Mel has helped many clients internationally.  She has traveled the globe studying the deeper aspects of healing, health & wellness.  As a Seer, she specializes in the esoteric causes of illness, disease, pain & inflammation and works with a combination of alternative health methods to help clients heal.

If you are  in pain, suffering from physical injuries, going through a health crisis, experiencing PTSD, or of just the side effects of being alive, Mel is happy to meet with you and discuss how she may be able to help guide you with the many resources in alternative health & wellness.



Block Therapy Instructor Certified

Movement Therapist & Hypermobility Specialist

Integral Movement Method Certified with Jeannie DiBon

Certified Nutritional Herbologist

BioMagnetism Certified Practitioner

Tel: 1-860-205-8780

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