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Hello, I'm Mel Gurry

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My Story

Welcome to Soul Integration! 


The information shared on this website is a culmination of my life's work as an energy healer with developed clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, channeling and working as a Seer.  (A Seer in my definition is someone who can look ahead and forecast the future with some degree of accuracy as well as the ability to read people, events, environments, dreams).  When my life came to a significant spiritual shift, I experienced an internal pain and tension that I never knew existed.  The deep exploration of healing my core issues brought me toward new tools to transform my undiagnosed dysautonomia, undermethylation, anemia, food sensitivities, digestive issues, brain fog, tinnitus, viral overload, metal toxicity, insomnia, circulation issues, joint pain - tendon tears - subluxations and dislocation with extreme fascial pain, postural issues with complex hypermobility leading to April 2022 diagnosis of HSD - Hypermobile Spectrum Disorder.  Today, almost two years later, I have been pain-free for quite some time, I have regained my strength, healed many aspects of my HSD, and look forward to sharing how I transformed many of these complex conditions.

I worked for 15 years developing my spiritual tools studying the deeper causes and conditions of many types of health conditions:  stress, exhaustion, pain & injuries, sleep disorders, diabetes, arthritis, anger-anxiety-fear-worry-grief-loneliness, ADD-ADHD-OCD, panic attacks, trauma, health crisis, spiritual crisis.  Specializing in helping families with pregnancy, birth, postpartum, preparation and the years after raising their families.  Helping with the death process, transitions and healing families who have lost loved ones.  Speaking to those who have crossed over and helping them come to peace.  Offering psychic readings to those who had spiritual questions about their life overall.

Imagine my growing frustration when I could not figure out what was causing my growing internal tension, pain, exhaustion.  The invisible world was my domain, however, as many good healers will tell you, sometimes healing yourself isn't as easy.  Many factors come into play: illusions, glamours, mayas, karmic conditions, the dark night of the Soul, and the natural process of being a human on this earth healing present, and past lives.  My life experience has always shown me the path toward health and wellness, and I am grateful to my Divine Mentors, Guides, and the Source of Life for showing me the way to my Truth.

I created this website to help all those with hypermobility, HSD, hEDS as we are the ones carrying an invisible condition that often goes undiagnosed, untreated, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to get out of pain, put joints back in place or fascial work to unglue the stuck adhesions - only to be left feeling like a wet piece of spaghetti!  It is so complex!  There is a known connection to dysautonomia, food sensitivities, digestive issues, prolapses, neurodivergent connections and more.  I struggled for most of my life unknowingly, no one seemed to understand me, no one saw my invisible pain and the root cause of it.

I am sharing my wisdom of my years of healing clients, studying deeper invisible causes and conditions applying it toward hypermobility, HSD, hEDS and the complex comorbidities.  I do not have all the answers.  I have focused on this condition for the past two years by attending workshops, reading as many books as I can afford, speaking to those who also have HSD, hEDS, becoming certified with IMM - Integral Movement Method created by Jeannie DiBon.  I have been asking my guides and looking at the invisible of the invisible condition and how to heal.  I believe we can combine: breathwork, meditation, specialized energy healing for HSD/hEDS, postural-chakral analysis (as we are all unique), physical movement therapy with a modified Pilates combined with Block Therapy - fascial decompression or bodywork - together with a team of practitioners and doctors that are educated in HSD/hEDS.

My colleague and friend, functional doctor, Richa Gundlapali has been a tremendous help in showing me the underlying conditions that lead to my chronic pain state just a couple years ago.  I spent 20 years learning from my dear friend Rosanne Demanski, who is an amazingly brilliant naturopathic doctor.  These foundations helped me to see the science, the supplements, herbal tinctures - poultices - foods, biomagnetism and many forms of diet and detox.

I would also like to thank all the IMT practitioners who helped me along the way.  Dr. Tom Giammatteo and Nancy Ortolani were my first practitioners who helped during the initial brain trauma from a chiropractor pushing down on my head in 2016.  The "test" was done without discussion or explanation when I was symptom free.  This led to a long list of difficulties possibly due to my prior car accidents, cervical condition, undiagnosed hypermobility.  The loss of use of my arms, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, rapid heart rate, confusion and brain trauma brought me to search for answers.

I took the first two courses in IMT to learn more about fascia, structural conditions, cranial sacral techniques, and look at a new potential career to integrate.  Unfortunately, due to my undiagnosed hypermobility, along with other life circumstances, (more on this in a minute) I was not able to pursue this career at the time.

During 2016, my work energetically was focused on the Plant Kingdom, studying herbology with Rosemary Gladstar's online program at Sage Mountain Herbal Center.  I completed her herbal intensive in the Science & Art of Herbalism while working to heal a coronavirus I contracted in late 2016.  Now, I have the combination of an undiagnosed brain trauma, COVID16 as I now refer to it because it began with loss of sense of smell, taste, fever, headache, sinus issues, tinnitus, which turned into "long COVID".  My Soul is learning complexity on a new level!

Herbology was beginning to show me how to calm the nervous system, how to heal my many conditions, I had a deep respect for the Plant Medicinals and their invisible connections.  You can look at many conditions and see an herbal remedy.  There is however, in my experience, a corresponding energetic parallel that we can tap into for deeper healing.  Natural cures have been a lifelong love of mine.  Healing at home with onion, garlic, lemons and honey can heal a list of issues.  Herbology opened another door to healing deeper.


Simplicity in healing - the key in my work and what I strive for.  The complexity of life and health issues can be overwhelming.  Finding the simple methods to heal have always been the best path once you figure out the root causes.  

Dr. Christopher's protocol to heal hearing loss and tinnitus worked for me.  If you have experienced tinnitus, you know how incredibly annoying and difficult life can be.  I simply put 2 drops of garlic oil along with 2 drops of Dr. Christophers Nerve Formula in my ears.  Slowly over the course of months, the ringing subsided, and I regained my hearing.  The noise sensitivity would take a bit more time to heal but I was well on my way.  I used his detox protocols to cleanse from the COVID16 complications, however it was taking months to clear.  Going deeper, I became certified as an herbalist level 1 and Nutritional Herbalist level 2 in his online program with The School of Natural Healing.  

My life stopped while processing the sudden loss of my mother in April 2017 during open heart surgery for what was to be a triple bypass, which lead to six bypasses, followed by the failure to recover and her passing on the table.  I began caring for my father who was struggling with recovering from two heart surgeries the year prior, diabetes, Parkinson's symptoms, and closing his business.  During this time, I got him on a strict organic plant-based diet, threw out all the junk in the house, took him to all his doctor appointments and worked to get him off insulin.  In just three short months, he loss 20 pounds, got off insulin, regained his strength, walked with his cane over his shoulder smiling and then died on vacation from a tragic fall.  

I spent years helping clients, friends, family process death, grief and loss.  Nothing compares to experiencing it firsthand and in the sudden deaths of two significant family members.  At the same time my parents had a very complex estate, closed business I was working on helping sell with both my parents while alive and my sister.  Overnight we became landlords to tenants and property owners of a closed business.  The estate and properties went through the preparation to sell, including environmental cleanup, through the 2020 Pandemic.  The final closing didn't occur until mid 2021.  These would be the longest four years of my life!


I sought out help at the recommendation of my naturopathic doctor and saw Dr. Tom Giammatteo, IMT practitioner after the death of my father in August of 2017.  After healing the initial shock of my parents' death, the brain trauma with Doctor Tom, I began to work with a group of very talented women.  From 2017 to 2019, I healed many of my past traumas & injuries, whole body fascial damage using - IMT - Integrated Manual Therapy, with the amazing women: Ayelet Connell, Alanna Heaney, Chris Albrecht and Becky McConnell.  I am very grateful for their wisdom, experience and sessions.  In the summer of 2019, it was recommended that I start taking Pilates classes to help support my structural issues.  Inspired by how much I learned in three private Pilates sessions, the process of healing my pelvis, spine and over all posture, I decided to become teacher certified.  

Unfortunately, even though my body was healing in some ways, the underlying undiagnosed complex hypermobility had extreme laxity along with extreme rigidity and deep growing tension and pain.  It was very difficult - to not possible - to perform all the of the exercises.  This was one of the high points of frustration.  I had already invested to become teacher certified, I was pushing to finish closing my parents' estate, and my health was suffering - I needed time.

Fortunately, the pandemic hit!  Having already delt with COVID16, long COVID, I knew that this may not be good for some who, like me, thought they were in good health but had any underlying issues.  The Pilates studio closed with just under 100 hours remaining on my completion to be certified.   My body... was going to get the rest it needed.  I began studying the deeper aspects of COVID.

I returned to herbology, went deeply into herbal antivirals, created herbal tinctures following the protocols of the late Stephen Bohner.  I sold and gifted as many bottles as I could afford to make.  I learned by taking them that my viral overload from COVID16 was benefiting!  Those who contracted COVID19 were benefitting from taking these as well.  I went deeper into the energetics of green Medicinals and learned from the plant kingdom how to invoke for the invisible protocols to heal.  

As the closing out of 2020 came, along did the intensity of trying to sell my parent's property during a pandemic.  After switching realtors and buyers many times, my health condition worsened to a point of collapse.  My body could not take anymore.  I was beginning to feel disabled.  The amount of tension and pain in my body was bringing me to a full stop.  No amount of meditation, energy work, healing family karma would pay off.  I was missing something!

I was beginning to panic at this point, unable to use my body for many tasks, I reached out to my friend and functional doctor, Richa who introduced me to functional medicine.  She explained my underlying conditions of dysautonomia, undermethylation, metal toxicity were the causes of my pain, tension, fascial restrictions.  She recommended Biomagnetism, I signed up to become a certified and practiced this method from home.  I started to lower my pain, increase my energy and feel better.

She put me on compound supplements, recommended ionic foot baths to detox.  I purchased an ionic foot bath machine and got to work.  I have now extended these baths to family and friends helping them to benefit from this method.

Block Therapy was recommended by Dr. Richa as well; however, I resisted this modality not believing she understood the level of pain I was in and how laying on a block of bamboo wood would help my condition.  Boy was I wrong!  Two months after she would first recommend Block Therapy, I finally decided to give it a try.  It was now February 2021.  After going through the first course: Core and Ribcage Class, I stood up and felt a powerful release in my posture.  I felt as if I could finally breath again!

At this point, I had spent 20 years using advanced breathing methods, meditation, martial arts-yoga and energy healing not realizing how much internal tension I was holding - just to stand upright!  I was "willing" my body to perform, to stand, sit, move with an internal force and pattern.  Standing like a gymnast with locked hyperextended knees, anterior pelvis, hyperextended ribcage, braced stiff shoulders and neck.  Slowly, I incorporated all my techniques into my Block Therapy practice and saw a powerful transformation beginning!

Deanna Hansen, Found of Block Therapy, gave the simplest explanation to my symptoms with a method to free myself of this internal pain.  She demonstrated what happens to most of us living on earth, over time we slowly develop unconscious posture and a collapse of the core.  We fall forward at the diaphragm, our shoulders start to roll inward, we can develop "forward head" due to the collapse.    This was me!  I was aware of this and was working on it in Pilates, yet very very frustrated that my body seemed to be stuck in this pattern.

This is part of the underlying pain in my body.  The other part is the complexity of HSD. 

A note about HSD / hEDS:  This rare connective tissue condition often goes undiagnosed and misdiagnosed. 

They say, "if you cannot find the issues, look to the connective tissues."  I have been hypermobile my whole life.  At a young age I could easily wrap my legs around my neck and swing from my hands.  I practiced dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, ice skating and later on martial arts-yoga.  Throughout the years, I knew I had instability in my pelvis yet didn't know how to prevent injuries or use my body correctly.  I was able to live a somewhat normal life until the chiropractor adverse reaction occurred.  The combination of life's events all came to a breaking point where I would need to stop and figure out what the root cause was for me.

When you are hypermobile, your able to move joints beyond typical ranges of motion.  This can result in pain, joint instability, muscle strain, postural faults, and other musculoskeletal complications.    Knowing this information did not explain to anyone trying to help me, why my pain was increasing.  My Pilates teacher was unable to understand why I could not use my arms in straps, or why my shoulders and neck were getting worse.

Fascia is the key for me!  Once I learned through practicing block therapy, where my body was stuck, glued, thick with toxins and released them, I began to understand the source of my pain.  My shoulders were not just extremely hypermobile with abnormally small labrums, one was subluxed and glued that way!  I couldn't use my left arm because it was stuck with fascial adhesions outside the socket.  When I would use my arm subluxed in an anterior rotation, the upper traps and neck muscles were working overtime causing pain in my neck and head.  No amount of energy healing, IMT myofascial work was going to correct this condition, at least within my lifetime.  The process of IMT was very beneficial for many areas of my condition.  Block therapy's bamboo block, has the same density as bone, it will slowly melt down and through those adhesions and create space.  My shoulder finally went back into place.  I still have work do to, I spent a lifetime not knowing I had HSD and how to use my body correctly, thus, I have more adhesions to work through.

The overall releases of pain I was getting made me convinced this is what my body has been asking for, for years!  After one month I signed up to become a Block Therapy Instructor!  I began blocking two to four hours a day!  It felt amazing to finally release all the stored fascial pain, to finally breathe fully, a glimpse into not feeling disabled.  I had hope again that this would bring my higher state of health back.  I have a long list of injuries, L5/S1 herniation, nerve damage, fallen arch that were all healed with the combination of Block Therapy, energy healing, IMM, strengthening and lots of daily discipline.

Life can be painfully enlightening when you are on the spiritual path.  

This is how I have grown.   I am fearless.  I will search deeply for solutions to what ails me.  I am strongly determined, dedicated, Soulfully willful, consistent in my efforts to heal myself, my family, my clients.

In Block Therapy Deanna wisely teaches to "search for the pain".  In all my work as a Healer, this is how we look for hidden causes and conditions energetically that impact our current state of health.  We "search for the pain" because it is there knowingly or unknowingly.  Either screaming at us to give some love and attention to our bodies and find some kind of solution or lingering ready and waiting for a crisis to alert us to change.  It can show up as a nagging pain, little hints that something is starting to be "off".  The more we ignore it, push through it, it can persist until we stop and take action.  Or for those who were born with great pain and difficulty, my heart goes out to you.  I hope that there is something here for you to lower your pain and impact of HSD/hEDS.

I lived my life pushing through pain, fatigue, tension in raising my kids, working long hours, sitting in long advanced meditations, channeling and healing sessions, flushing out energetically whatever was coming up.  It was not until my body had taken enough of a toll in cellular toxicity, hypermobility compensations causing a life pattern of bracing and guarding, using my body out of joints, no pelvic stability due to car accidents and the hypermobility factors, chronic neck pain to Cervical Instability that it needed me to just stop and figure it out.

My path to healing the complex structural issues, hypermobility, HSD was very very very difficult.  I did not know how to overcome and like those who have these complexities know, it is a full time job! 


By January of 2021, I knew I needed support with my hypermobility.  Through researching I found Jeannie DiBon's online program TheZebra.Club.  At $15 a month I joined her online program that offers tremendous support through speaking with fellow hypermobility/HSD/hEDS people all around the world, Doctors and specialist in the field giving lectures as well as classes that are safe for those of us with these complexities.

By this time, I had released quite a bit of fascial tension, as many will tell you, the more you release, the more you realize the dysfunction that remains.  Once you get past the surface levels you get to deeper layers of fascial restrictions.  As I went deeper the "laxity" began to grow.  I now was buying as many braces as I could for my whole body.   I purchased the Body Braid, braces:  wrist, shoulder, neck, lumbar, knee, ankle, arch!  Now I  was experiencing a very different type of collapse - in the whole body.  

I could no longer sit up for long periods of time due to spinal laxity, my head was in chronic pain and cervical instability grew, I couldn't walk long due to the fallen arch and foot numbness, my nerve damage numbness was stronger, pelvic instability and hip, knee pain was bringing up old injuries.  I was a mess!  I had brought everything-all-at-once to the surface!

My diagnoses finally came in April of 2022 in hopes to get better help with osteopaths, manual therapist and OT/PT if needed.  I relied on The Zebra Club, the Ehlers Danlos Society and conferences, and my team to help understand how to regain strength.  Many of the Pilates exercises, PT exercises and even modified Pilates, IMM - Integral Movement Method with Jeannie DiBon were still not helping some of my issues.  

I spent the next year studying deeper the complexity HSD with combining two key modalities: Block Therapy and IMM - Integral Movement Method along with my own energetic healing strategies.  By the summer of 2023, I became certified in both Block Therapy and IMM.  

My main focus is developing a program to repeat the process for all others with hypermobility, HSD, hEDS in a safe supportive program together with your team of practitioners:  OT/PT, Manual Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Functional, Naturopathic or traditional MD.  

As my way of giving back, I am offering the foundational Block Therapy courses tailored to Hypermobility/HSD/hEDS in 30-minute sessions complimentary.   My hope is that this will give those of you who are able to go it on your own, a path forward toward your next level of healing.  For anyone who has questions or concerns about this modality, I am happy to speak with you privately for a free consultation.  

Block Therapy begins with three key classes:  Core & Ribcage, Pelvis & Legs, Head, Neck & Arms 

We always start with the Core class and Diaphragmatic Breathing to make sure you are heating up your whole body efficiently.  All the details will be included in each class to set you on your way to "searching for the pain" and releasing the pain that you are already experiencing.  

The Goal:  Become your own Healer, Fascia Master, learning the invisible patterns, negative fascial seals holding you in unconscious posture and pain.  

Beginning January 2024 - Soul Integration "Inner Core Light Activation" Foundation courses will help you to begin at learning how to breathe diaphragmatically while releasing your stress & tension - the sources of restriction in your breath.  From here we will move into combining breathwork, meditation, visualizations, movement, energy healing, bodywork to heal on whatever levels we can.

Reach out for any questions, concerns, free consults or private sessions.

I thank you for reading this long story of my path toward wellness and I wish all of you success on your journey!  Once again, Welcome to Soul Integration!



Mel Gurry, Healer, Block Therapy Instructor, Movement Therapist & Hypermobility Specialist, Nutritional Herbalist


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